Lockdown Life – day 39…

In the Days of the Comet... Although I’ve stolen the strap-line from the title of H.G.Wells novel, in which a comet causes a change in the air with the result that ‘The great Change has come for evermore, happiness and beauty are our atmosphere, there is peace on earth and good will to all men’,... Continue Reading →

Lockdown life – day 22…

Wow, day 22. 22 days since the quarantine officially began; since my letter from the NHS dropped on the mat. 22 days since the restrictions necessary to prevent the spread of Covid-19 formally began; and since our lives changed for the time being. Of course, it’s easy for me to cope. I don’t have to... Continue Reading →

Lockdown life – day 14…

Here we are again. Well, to be precise, here I am. And that’s exactly where I’ve been for the last two weeks - at home. Where I hope you are, if you should Anyway, what’s new? Nothing. Nix. Still, another day, another book to read. This time, it’s Julian Jackson’s biography of Charles de Gaulle,... Continue Reading →

Life in Lockdown…day 11

Another day in this quiet little village called Lockdown. Boy is it quiet, too. At times of the day, there’ll be clutches if people out doing there daily exercise as instructed by the Government. Let’s hope they enjoy it. They stroll along, some keeping a few feet apart, some not so much. Then at other... Continue Reading →

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