The Continuing Adventures of Hergé…

In a previous post I described how, at the age of about eight, the Tintin books arrived in my world thanks to the small collection in Mr Kennick’s classroom. Actually, on reflection, I was probably aware of the characters earlier thanks to the Belvision episodes of ‘Hergé’s Adventures of TinTin’ which first aired on the... Continue Reading →

Herge’s Adventures of TinTin!!!

Writing that title, I immediately heard the iconic voice from the "Belvision" animated series of the 1960's, which I suppose was my first awareness of the character. But my first real encounter with Hergé's creations came at Junior school, or "Primary" as it would now be called. I was 8 years old, and I can... Continue Reading →

A Revised View…

My post ‘1938 - The World Turns’ discussed some of the issues of Neville Chamberlain and the British Government's policy of appeasement towards European dictators in the 1930's, particularly Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.   I portrayed Chamberlain as a somewhat misdirected figure, arrogant and naive in his belief that war could be avoided by meeting Hitler's... Continue Reading →

1938 – The World Turns…

I mentioned in ‘and about me’ how Shirer's book gave me a sense of the breadth of the Second World War as a subject for study; of how I came to understand that it had roots way before the shameful carving-up of Poland between Hitler and Stalin. In the years preceding that infamous act, another,... Continue Reading →

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