1938 – The World Turns…

I mentioned in ‘and about me’ how Shirer's book gave me a sense of the breadth of the Second World War as a subject for study; of how I came to understand that it had roots way before the shameful carving-up of Poland between Hitler and Stalin. In the years preceding that infamous act, another,... Continue Reading →

Life in Lockdown…day 11

Another day in this quiet little village called Lockdown. Boy is it quiet, too. At times of the day, there’ll be clutches if people out doing there daily exercise as instructed by the Government. Let’s hope they enjoy it. They stroll along, some keeping a few feet apart, some not so much. Then at other... Continue Reading →

Lockdown living…

So, this is lockdown. The Coronavirus is taking its toll, with today seeing over one million people infected worldwide, and 50,000 people dying as a result. Wow. By now, we’re used to the social distancing; used to the not going out whenever we feel like it; used to the no sport; used to the wall-to-wall... Continue Reading →

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